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쟾떆쉶 媛쒖슂
Exhibit Dates Sep. 02(Wed) ~ Sep. 05(Sat), 2020 (4Days) Opening Hours 10:00am~5:00pm
Exhibition Venue KINTEX Hall 7,8 (217-60, Kintex-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang 10390, Korea) Scale 22,580렊
Admission fee KRW 5,000 (Pre-registrator, Disabled are free of charge) E-Mail

About Exhibition

냼媛 씠誘몄
The Printing Machinery & Equipment Show

The meaning of Printing Machinery industry is not limited to Printing Machinery devices and equipments. IT based Printing Machinery information system for efficient care, unity of Printing Machinery and communication system for hospital communication, Printing Machinery vehicle for fast and sage delivery.

This phenomenon affects the market of Printing Machinery industry in Korea, it creates the large consuming demand and it pushed Korean Printing Machinery market to larger stage. Definitely, Printing Machinery market is growing rapidly and it is the time to penetrate into the market with great vision.

Secretariat of K-Label 2018

  1. 븳援씠븻븸뒪
  2. 븳씤뇙臾명솕삊쉶
  1. 臾명솕泥댁쑁愿愿묐
  2. 궛뾽넻긽옄썝遺
  3. 寃쎄린룄
  4. 븳臾댁뿭닾옄吏꾪씎怨듭궗
  5. 븳씤뇙젙蹂댁궛뾽삊룞議고빀뿰빀쉶
  6. 꽌슱듅蹂꾩떆씤뇙젙蹂댁궛뾽삊룞議고빀
  7. 븳씤뇙湲곗닠삊쉶
  8. 븳援뵒옄씤떒泥댁킑뿰빀쉶
  9. 븳씤뇙뿰援ъ냼
  10. 븳援젣梨낃났뾽삊룞議고빀
  11. 븳援뒪겕由곗씤뇙怨듭뾽삊쉶
  12. 븳援씤뇙븰쉶
  13. 븳援怨⑦뙋吏룷옣궛뾽삊룞議고빀
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  5. 씤뇙궛뾽
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